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Art Education Trust

June 2017

“Arti Educare” is a very ambitious project because, today, the act of designing is ambitious in itself. If this project is made for passion alone, without resources and money, it then becomes certain that the initiative will be seen with even more distrust.

We live in a society full of contradictions. On the one hand, new media are deprived of freedom of action that gives freedom of information and choice. They have, in some cases, become our yoke, filtering between reality and us.

Smartphones, instead of opening a world, have locked us into a room, isolated, made us sad and evil. Real civil battles, loyal confrontations, eyewitnesses, solidarity networks, and direct human relations are taking on the cowardice of ever expanding “keyboard lions”.

We are assisting, all complicit, young and adult, to an ever-consuming society where we know the price of everything and the value of nothing. But not all is lost. On the other hand there is still the innocence of youth, enthusiasm, passion, beauty that surrounds us, and there are young people, our future, souls under construction, curious and ready to absorb like a sponge the good side of life.

Arti Educare wants to be a small part of this positive workmanship, an example of bottom-up design, a “lateral” vision project on the art world (because none of the subjects involved, except the artists themselves, to belong to that world) and the relationship it may have with the younger ones. The Arti Educare’s dream is to lead more and more young people out of the gloomy, globalized, and “herd” dark perspective of “social living” thanks to the power of Art. Bringing back younger people, especially so-called ‘digital natives’, into a new, less virtual, more humane dimension, made up of sharing passions, emotions, suggestions and inspiration … all of which good Art can do. Arti Educare starts with the assumption that the world is not the dangerous place in which we all have to fear one another, made of exasperated individualisms or, conversely, of “flock”.

The world, and especially our beautiful Italy, is a wonderful place where you can make special meetings like: Art, beauty, genius, history, between present and the future. Arti Educare wants to be, for anyone who wants to know us better, a new view of the Art, a place of real discussion about a possible future, inspired by art, beauty, but also solidarity and trust in others. A testimony of trust and participation with a disinterested involvement in cultural projects, since all the works of the collection have been and will always be freely donated by the artists with the aim of creating the largest collection of donated art in Italy. Picasso said, “Art shakes the soul from dust accumulated in everyday life.”

Our goal, stated and manifested, is to try to act together, with small steps, because all, especially the less fortunate young people, those most at risk of cultural poverty, can, thanks to these itinerant exhibitions, draw from the contemporary art that thrust inspiring, that energy, that passion, suitable to shake off all the dust of the day.

It is an opportunity for them to discover that Universal Art gives each of us a personal road to better know the world, others and ourselves. This is our ambitious project. This is our commitment to the future.

Edited by Alessandra Stranges